Why I created this planner? How can It help the world?


Watch this video, put on your woofers loud! This video will let you understand why I created this planner. I belief if we all work on increasing our vibration and experience more joy, love, peace and bliss we can create heaven on earth.
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30 Day Mental Diet


Learn how you can change your life in 30 days using the 30 day mental diet. Practice together with the planner.


10 Min Morning Routine That Will Change Your Life


Learn a 10 min morning routine used by the most successful people around the world. Start today and feel the difference!


Tips on setting goals


How To Meditate?


Learn how to meditate in a very easy but very effective way.  Practice this today and feel the amazing experience you will have 😉



Affirmation Lists Free Download

Here are some other ways to make your affirmations stronger:

1) Make sure your affirmations are bold, clear, and positive.

2) Practice saying your affirmations for 30 minutes a day. Say them in your head and out loud, even if it’s awkward for you.Your new vision takes courage and you can’t wait for your affirmations to feel genuine, they won’t feel genuine until you start believing them.

3) When you start doubting your affirmations, realize your non-conscious brain is sending you a signal based on your conditioning—not on what you are capable of achieving.

4) Keep recommitting to the process. Every time you set a goal higher, commit to re-articulating that goal and imprinting it onto your non-conscious brain.

5) Along with your affirmation, take action.

6) An affirmation alone will not cause results to happen in your life, unless you have the right plan to back up that affirmation and are taking daily action in accordance with the plan.






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